Our Sunday Services are for everyone!


Growth Groups

At Gateway, we value meeting together in small groups to read the bible and pray. Through these groups we encourage and support one another to grow in our knowledge and love of Jesus.

There are a wide range of groups meeting each week including:
TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Men’s group (Anna Bay)

TUESDAY EVENING: Men’s group (Anna Bay), mixed group (Bob’s Farm)

WEDNESDAY EVENING: Mixed group (Anna Bay)

THURSDAY EVENING: Women’s group (Anna Bay), mixed group (Corlette, One Mile)

FRIDAY MORNING: Women’s group – pre-schoolers welcome (Anna Bay)

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Youth – Year 12 and young adults (Corlette)

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Youth – Years 9-11 (Anna Bay)


For further information please contact Susan Petterson – 0418 606 349, susan@gatewaypresbyterian.org.au



We also have various other events throughout the year which are for the entire church families. These include beach picnics, an annual camp and a Christmas Pageant – Carols Under The Stars.





We are indebted to a large number of people who work behind the scenes doing lots of jobs, many of which no one else really wants to do. These people do hundreds of tasks, including but certainly not limited to: various administration tasks, looking after our buildings and grounds and, preparing and serving morning tea.

For more information about how you might be able to assist in these areas please contact admin@gatewaypresbyterian.org.au