Kid's Church

Kid's Church is a fun time to help children grow in their faith and love of God.

During school terms: Kid's Church is divided into various age groups for children from K-6. Kid's Church begins after song 3.

During holidays: Kid's Church begins after the Bible reading during a song. This holiday program is based of a 'Bible story telling' model and is new in this 2019-20 summer. Together, K-6 will watch one of the Bible videos from Luke 1-2, Mark 1-3 and have interactive questions, followed by trying to retell what they can remember. This group learning style is good fun and gives children time to share what they are learning.

Sign in/out: Adults are invited to sign in their kids for Kids Church. Sign out happens immediately after the service. This is a good time to meet the program leaders and ask any questions.

Everyone who assists with this program is accredited by and follows the guidelines of the Child Protection Unit of the Presbyterian Church of NSW.

If you would like further information please contact us.

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