Church Online

We are gathering on Sunday mornings to participate online in our service.


Online Service is available HERE.

The video won't play early

For us this is not about consuming media, but about participating in it as a church community. For this reason, content will be available from 9:30pm. The chat feature in the above link also gives broad social contact LIVE from 9am and 4:45pm. But we'd love to see this build organically into online chat and phone calls to stay in touch.

Have feedback?

We are still working this out. If you any problems or notice glitches that could continue to be a problem please let Evan know at

We also would welcome ideas and suggestions as well as offers to assist in the production/editing side of things.

We pray the effort we are putting into this online service helps us to be encouraged  and connect together with Jesus. So after tuning in on Sunday, give each other a call and encourage each other.

Have a slow connection?

To help those who cannot get enough internet speed to watch the online church platform, a low resolution is available at the end of this page. See our Youtube channel for the super low res version.


We hope our families enjoyed our first kids talk and discipleship material.

God-willing, this week we'll have another familiar face sharing a kids talk within the service! Wooh!

This week Gateway Kids will be returning to the teaching series in Acts with the Gospel Project video and sheets.

This consists of another video for the kids to watch and related family discipleship material and activity sheets.

These resources can be found for this Sunday in this shared folder. New sheets are uploaded by Tuesday so you can print prior to Sunday morning.

Please return here on Sunday morning to access an embedded kids video.

Tuning in for last Sunday's service?

Find last Sunday's Kids Pack to go with Alicia's kids talk here: Hebrews 13:8


Click HERE for Slower Connection video