Blackwell Family – Bulgaria

The Blackwells (Kate, Andrew, Tom, Ellie, Ben and Will) are in Sofia, Bulgaria serving God with the European Christian Mission. Bulgaria is a country of just over 7 million people. Together with Romania and Hungary, it provides 80% of Western Europe’s prostitutes. Most of these come from the extremely poor and marginalised Roma (also called gypsy) communities. They are working with the Mission to the World team and their ministry, Daughters of Bulgaria, to help reach these poor, marginalised women and communities.

More info is available at: http://www.ecmaustralia.org/

Edwardes Family – Church Planting

Graham and Sarah Edwardes and their two children, Sydney and Enzo have been living in Trieste, Italy, engaging in church planting.

After much prayer and in consultation with Pioneers of Australia the Edwardes family are looking to join a Pioneers International team in Ireland to continue church planting in a context with many similarities, yet without the need to continue language learning.

MAF – Alexander Family

We have recently begun partnering with Neil, Cheryl and Robert Alexander who serve with MAF in Arnhem Land

More info about their ministry can be found at:https://donate.maf.org.au/give/neil-cheryl-alexander/


Rumginae Hospital

We are pleased to have had a long term relationship with the ministry of Rumginae Health Centre in PNG. Rumginae Health Centre is a 70-bed hospital and Community Health Worker School which provides medical support to 16 Health Sub Centres and their outlying villages in the remote Western Province of Papua New Guinea.

More info is available at:http://www.rumginae.info/

Rumginae Hospital

Care for China – ELIM Kids

Elim Kids is a ministry seeking to help orphans with HIV in China. ELIM Kids was established in 2009 when two Australian doctors, Julie & Sam, moved to China to work with orphans and saw first hand the treatment HIV positive and other special needs children received.


Pryde Family

Joshua, Naomi, Elkie and Jasper Pryde live in Pai, Northern Thailand as part of a Jesus Devotional Community. Every year thousands of travellers pass through South East Asia and India in search of spiritual truth. Disillusioned by the West, they are in search of healing and direction in life and a quest for meaning. Our community aims to provide a safe space for travellers to meet Jesus, as we seek to live a life of devotion to Him.


Gateway also supports a number of Christian organisations doing great work in Australia and around the world. These include Crossroads Prison Ministry and Open Doors, as well as the SRE program in our local schools.